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Oil on Canvas   24” x 36”

Original not yet available 

Limited Edition prints are available (35) $665.00

The scene is a farm on the outskirts of Sidney B.C. and the time of day is early morning just as the sun came up.  There is low ground fog and mist in the morning sky that turns everything to an orange glow.  The original photographer is Tom Barnes, of Sidney area.  He has graciously given me permission to paint it.  I feel it is a “once in a lifetime” image.


The painting is almost devoid of brush stroke marks, given the mist and ground fog.  To get this effect I did a lot of pounding the paint into the canvas to blend the sky colour moving from brilliant to greyed colour in the left corner.  The ground fog was handled in a similar fashion.   


The original is being held for an Art show Nov. 3rd. through 5th, 2017.
Look for it at the Nanaimo Fine Art show at the Vancouver Island Conference Center.

A Brand New Day

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