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Oil on Canvas.

24 x 48

Original: $1700.00

Prints: $950.00


These trees and cliffs have been painted by several Island Artists such as Brian Buckrell and Mark Hobson, both who’s Art I greatly admire. It is the area around Incinerator Rock, in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve off Hwy 4.


Painted in a realistic fashion, this is the second painting I have done of this Pathway to the Ocean. The first sold before I could take a good photo of the Painting known as “Into the Light”.


This Painting scene is a little different as the time of day has been changed to represent late morning with the sunlight peeking through the trees on the right making shadows on the opposite cliff. The tide is out, but what is left behind is the small rivulet of salty water which the light dances off. It so invited me to paint it again.

A Path to the Beach

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