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Oil on Canvas 24” x 36”

Original is available  $1650 framed with reclaimed wooden frame.
Limited Edition prints are available


This painting is based on a photograph captured by fellow artist Tina Mannen, who often accompanies Sandy on her photography trips.  It was taken at the parking area of Piper’s Lagoon in Nanaimo where there are four old posts at the entrance to the beach.  The area was burned shortly after the photo was taken, but the posts still stand, although slightly charred.


It is a winter scene, grey skies and grey waters.  Often the naming of a painting is as difficult as the painting itself.  Why was this such an important picture?  Because it is “Beach Therapy”, that healing time that every one seeks now and again.  It is one of Sandy’s favourites and she did three originals of it.  One sits on her mantle in her home collection.


The available original, is the first one of the three paintings, and is framed in a reclaimed wooden frame covered in dried lichen.

Beach Therapy

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