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Oil on Canvas  24” x 30”

Original is available  1400.00
Limited Edition  prints are available $625.00


This happy little truck sits at the Zuiderzee Campsites off of Yellowpoint Road in Nanaimo.  It appears to have been partially restored, but all parts are not from the same model.  It is an older Model-T, from the 1920’s.  Most of the parts have original paint weathered and or rusted.  The rear box is full of flowering petunias and the rear cab and roof are Wooden.  The passenger door is secured with a bungee chord to keep it shut, and one can make out the word “Bay” on the side of the door.


There is a spot for a crank in the front grill and the engine compartment is accessed by hoods that lift from the sides. In the background is a smoke tree, and due to the dry weather the little maple at the side is loosing its leaves, dropping onto the grass.  The only thing left out of the painting was the Christmas lights wrapped around the logs.  Sandy remembers her Dad having an old truck that had a crank start and rounded fenders, so the picture is aptly named Memory Lane.

Memory Lane

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