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Oil on Canvas   15” x 30”

Original  available Framed in reclaimed wooden frame  $1100.00

Limited Edition prints are available at full size $495.00


“This painting is of a raven from Brown’s Beach in Ucluelet. At first I wasn’t sure if it was not a crow, but the tail feathers and the feathers on the curved bill would suggest a raven, according to my Wildlife painter friend, Patricia Mansell. There is a bit of a different painting approach taken in this painting, with the background softened as if out of focus, the bark on the tree the middle focus, but the Raven in full detail. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the branch the raven sits on with palette knives, rough and textural. My friendly framer Dave Smith gets lots of credit for the frame. It is reclaimed wood very well aged in the outdoors,with dried lichen left on it. It is so natural and so compliments the setting of the painted Raven.”

The Raven

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